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Partner in Managing Change

Life & Business Coaching

My mission

I am convinced that once you feel the internal urge to change, with my support you will be able to define your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them.


What you will gain during coaching

While having control over the change you wish to make in your life, you will be accompanied by a partner who will 

  • Actively listen to you without any preconception, in a trusting environment
  • Help you see the steps ahead through a different lens
  • Broaden the toolkit you might need to overcome obstacles and
  • Support you in drawing up your plans

Sebők András

About me

Since my childhood, I have been highly interested in people and the environment around me, enjoyed contemplating on them and empathizing with others. Following the early days of watching my actual environment, as a leader I have managed to built this into my everyday professional life, which I feel lucky about.

I have been working in the IT area for more than 20 years, since 2014 as an upline manager. I believe in leading with a coaching mindset, which has enabled me to lead teams through complex challenges successfully.

I enjoy talking to others and I even lead conversations, which I started within the frame of the TedxConversations program and continued in different clubs.

Overall, I find human interactions infinitely inspiring, which my selected profession reflects as well.

How can I best support you

as a coach?

Life Coaching

  • If your goals are not entirely clear yet
  • You have defined your goals but need assistance in planning the necessary steps to be taken
  • You wish to identify obstacles and find out how to overcome them
  • You are at the cross-roads in your career (e.g. bottleneck, change in direction or leaving your comfort zone)
  • You need support with your challenges in any areas of your private life

 Business Coaching

As a leader you wish to 

  • Identify your or your team’s inherent potentials
  • Uncover obstacles in the way of successful outcomes and the way of eliminating them
  • Enhance your leadership competencies
  • Resolve conflicts within your team
  • Build your personal brand